Ballancer lymphatic drainage device


Ballancer 606 premier series

The leading lymphatic drainage system.

• greatly improves the function of the lymphatic system

• relieves cellulite symptoms

• very effective in combination with a cinnamon wrap

• reduces the volume of massaged areas when applied repeatedly

• used as an effective means of body forming

• improves skin elasticity

• increases the effects of cavitation treatment, radiofrequency, cryolipolysis, etc. (with a special programme that is suitable before and after surgical liposuction)

• contributes to natural detoxification of the body and boosting the immune system

• stimulates collagen fibres in the lower layers of the skin

• supports metabolism

• one of the few devices of its type that can even be used during pregnancy when there is a problem with swollen feet (with a special programme for pregnant women where the upper chambers around the abdomen are switched off)

• relieves lymphedema (swelling) of the lower and upper limbs

• prevents varicose veins and the feeling of heavy legs

• 24 independent pressure chambers

• can be individually set to the client's requirements

• To improve overall lymphatic flow, it is necessary to complete a comprehensive course of treatment,  i.e. at least five to ten procedures. It is best to attend lymphatic drainage regularly twice to three times a week, and it is then advisable to take a "maintenance course of treatment" once or twice a month

lymph nodes will always be manually loosened (relaxed) prior to each lymphatic drainage procedure

Contraindications for lymphatic drainage:

• insufficient heart activity

• cardiac oedema

• acute fever and bacterial infections

• swelling caused by poor liver or kidney function

• acute venous disease