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Painless liposuction Prague residence Botanica

We primarily offer slimming procedures. We work with the latest, proven technology on the market, all with Czech certification. Each client receives individual care and treatment to achieve the best possible results. You will be taken care of in a pleasant, quiet and stylish setting that is great for relaxation.

3rd generation painless liposuction.

Very effective, safe fat removal without surgery.

3rd generation liposuction or cavitation is an ultrasound method that reduces the number of fat cells in the requisite areas. We use the most advanced model Vacavite Prestige at our salon, using ultrasound with a vacuum. This results in more precise treatment and more fat reduction in the treated area. The disrupted fat cells are then naturally flushed from the body through the lymphatic system. This method is non-invasive and completely safe. The procedure itself feels like a pleasant, warm massage and is also suitable for men.

The procedure begins and ends by measuring the treated area. Immediate results are a decrease of 1 to 4 cm. A further decrease in measurement is visible within the course of a week.

The extent of this decrease is very individual, depending on your rate of metabolism, the lymphatic system and what area is treated. As well as a decrease in centimetres, cellulite will also gradually disappear. Ultrasound cavitation breaks up clumps of fat under the skin, which create the "orange peel effect". After the procedure, the skin is much softer and smoother to the touch.

Naturally, there is expert consultation with the therapist carrying out the treatment.

Lymphatic drainage Ballancer.

Cutting-edge Ballancer 606 for effective slimming and detoxification.

The Ballancer 606 premier series has 24 independent self-inflating chambers, which is where it differs from competing products that only have 12 or just 6 chambers. This number of chambers ensures the trousers adjust to your figure and the areas being massaged. The chambers in the legs partially overlap each other, eliminating "dead zones"., so the massage wave is not interrupted. Compared to other devices, the Ballancer's applicators also enable massage of the instep, groin and abdomen, ensuring lymphatic drainage is comprehensive and effective.In addition, the Ballancer 606 is the only device to contain the unique Pre-Therapy programme that relaxes lymph nodes in the groin region.

This device helps remove cellulite, slims and reduces the circumference of the thighs, legs and alleviates swelling. It is also suitable for the prevention of varicose veins. Overall, it improves lymphatic flow and detoxifies the body, stimulates blood flow and rejuvenates the skin by stimulating collagen fibres in the lower layers of the skin and improving skin elasticity. Regular use contributes to weight loss.